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Recruitment Services

WSAS Sport and Academic Services offers various professional recruitment services for both listed and unlisted companies. The main focuses are as follows:

Local Bursary Recruitment Services

Companies are constantly looking for exceptional talent that they can recruit and offer a suitable bursary with the intent of incorporating the recruit into their company's staff contingency once they graduate.

Essentially investing in talent and keeping themselves competitive in a global environment.

WSAS will be pleased to offer your company an exceptional array of potential talent no matter what your specific requirements.

We can also assist with internships and graduate employment recruitment services

Contact WSAS for further information and details.

Search & Recruitment Services - Sporting Industry

WSAS Sport and Academic services has a vision to become the leading specialized sports recruitment agency on the African continent. Sport is a massive global industry and we have identified a shortage of specialized sporting recruitment services on the African continent.

Sport and sports development is a massive growth industry and we are experts at assisting companies to identify and recruit suitable talent.
Careers that we have identified in the sporting industry where we have identified an area where we can offer recruitment and search services: Contact WSAS for further information and details.