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WSAS Sport and Academic
WSAS Sport and Academic Services was founded in 1993, and is currently one of the market leaders in global youth development, having assisted thousands of people and corporations to achieve their maximum potential.

WSAS offers a wide range of professional services which include assisting students and corporations, as well as those involved in sport.

WSAS looks forward to assisting you, or your corporation. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent service and results to all our clients.
International Study & Scholarships

WSAS assists students that would like to further both their undergraduate or post graduate studies on an international basis . We work in many different locations around the world offering expert advice and solutions to our global client base.

WSAS will assist you with all the information that you may require such as courses offered, aptitude tests that may be required (please see our information on the Scholastic Aptitude Test) and all admission requirements for each particular university.
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South African Bursary
sa bursary

Education whether at school, tertiary or post graduate level is a substantial investment that every family has to make to ensure that their children have the best possible chance of success in a globally competitive work and business environment.

We have made applying for a local bursary as simple as possible, whether at school, university, college or at post graduate level you need to register with the WSAS- South African bursary and scholarship database.
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International Sports Scholarships

WSAS assist both sportsmen and women that would like to study internationally on a sports scholarship. Study internationally and earn and international degree of your choice while you develop your sport to the highest level and compete against some of the world's finest university and college athletes.

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Athlete Management
sa bursary

WSAS assist both aspiring male and female Pre-Professional and Professional athletes with their sports careers. We offer a comprehensive service that will allow you to develop your sporting career to the highest level.
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Sat Development
The SAT and the SAT subject tests are a suite of tools designed to assess your academic readiness for college/university. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support and scholarships, in a way that is fair to all students.
Private Tuition All Subjects
WSAS Sport and Academic services have since 1993 been assisting students in all subjects and grades to achieve their maximum potential. Private tuition with a WSAS tutor may be just the thing required to ensure a student's success academically.
Total Guidance Plan
WSAS offers a total guidance programme which includes career guidance, study methods, career development and career selection and is undoubtedly the most comprehensive guidance programme which is also a self-management system into university study.
Recruitment Service
WSAS Sport and Academic Services offers various professional recruitment services for both listed and unlisted companies.
Career Opportunities
WSAS Sport and Academic services have various career opportunities for suitably qualified individuals who would like to develop their careers to the next level.