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World Sport & Academic Services

World Sport & Academic Services

World Sport & Academic Services

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Reach Your Potential with WSAS: Your Partner in Youth Development

WSAS Sport and Academic Services, founded in 1993, is a market leader in the field of global youth development. With a proven track record of success, WSAS is the go-to source for professional services in both education and sports. Whether you are a student seeking assistance or a corporation looking for support, WSAS offers a comprehensive range of services to help you reach your full potential. Trust the experts and achieve your dreams today with WSAS Sport and Academic Services.

Begin your journey towards international study by clicking the "Apply Now" button. One of our experienced consultants will be in touch with you to schedule a free consultation appointment where valuable insights into the requirements for scholarships will be provided.

Client Feedback

Nina Carolissen.png

Nina Carolissen

Instant response from WSAS was something we always valued as time was of the essence to us - Hester Carolissen

Tevon Campbell.png

Tevo'n Campbell

The guidance that I received from the WSAS team gave me a sure-footed confidence in my decisions as if I was properly stepping on firm grounding towards my future

Jean Pascal Radics.png

Jean Pascal Radics

The facilities are top class and I am truly enjoying myself here at the University. I would never have managed to arrange all of this without WSAS and your professional advice and services.

Dev Govender.png

Prishaani Govender

Thank you for coaching us as parents and ensuring we had all the necessary information and facts about studying overseas, for all the documents you required and advising us timeously regarding the whole SAT process and University requirements

James Anderson.png

James Anderson

WSAS listened carefully to our criteria and selected universities in USA that matched our requirements.


WSAS organised meetings and tours with each of the prospective Universities and I was amazed at the quality of the institutions they work with.


My son has been offered three fantastic scholarship options and this could not have been done without the professional and expert support from WSAS.

Alpha Diallo.png

Alpha Diallo

It's finally a reality, that I will be heading to the United States of America. They always say working in a team is the best way to get through obstacles. The WSAS team is just the helping hand you need to assist you through this tiring struggle..



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Parade Ring Road, Milnerton

Cape Town, South Africa


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